7 Antioxidant Rich Foods That Make You Look Younger

In this day and age, many people are going to great lengths and doing anything an everything they can think of to make themselves look younger. What few people realize is that there are many wonderful and tasty foods that can help fight the effects of aging. Here are nine that you should consider adding to your diet this week!


It is fairly well known that leafy greens are full of beneficial and necessary nutrients, but kale is thought by many to be the best of them all when it comes to nutrients that help combat aging. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and many other elements that are known to help protect against free radical damage.


This well known yet underused treats needs to be a staple in your anti-ageing regiment. Avocados are packed full of vitamin E, which has been proven to be an antioxidant and a powerful nutrient that helps to prevent damage to collagen. They are also very high in beneficial unsaturated fats as well as beta-carotene, both which help to vitalize and nourish skin and also helps to protect against the visible signs of aging.


It is no secret that salmon is one of the best brain foods, but the omega-3s, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients are also very beneficial for the nourishment of the skin. Omega-3s keep the skin soft and help protect against drying and weathering from the wind, sun, and outside irritants.

Brazil Nuts

Most nuts are full of beneficial oils and fats, but the Brazil Nut is even better as it contains impressive levels of the trace mineral selenium, a nutrient that can improve skin elasticity and texture. Selenium is one of the many antioxidants that can be found in the nut, and it is thought to help reduce the risk of skin cancer.


The anti-ageing properties of this delicious spice has recently been studied for his powerful health-promoting properties. It contains many powerful antioxidants but the most intriguing of them all is one called curcumin, which is thought to have benefits for the entire body at the cellular level. Adding turmeric to your diet will promote new cell generation and helps protect and strengthen existing cell structures.

Red grapes

These popular and delicious fruits are very rich in resveratrol, which has been shown to be a super antioxidant that can boost health and improve skin’s look and feel. Recent studies have revealed that resveratrol directly impacts and helps activate an important protein found in the skin that supports call health and longevity.


When free radicals build up in the body, it can causes damage and wreak havoc on the cells throughout the body. Watermelon are high in the powerful antioxidant lycopene, and this vital element has been shown to have powerful anti-ageing properties. Watermelon contains impressive levels of vitamins A and C, which have been shown to help keep the skin looking healthy and youthful and to also guard against age related disorders and conditions.

Adding just some of these powerful age-defying foods to your daily and weekly diet can help turn back the hands of time and can give you the healthy and glowing skin you have been looking for!

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